Green Tree Horse Farm Web Cams

GTHF Main Barn Web Cams:

  • Stalls 1-2    Live Button   4 mins ago
  • Stalls 3-6    Live Button   2 mins ago
  • Stalls 7-8    Live Button   4 mins ago
  • Stalls 7-8    1 hour ago   2 hours ago

GTHF Other Cameras:

  • Paddock      Live Button    2 mins ago
  • Driveway    Driveway Motion    Driveway Motion -2 Seconds

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Web picture

Our live web cams at Green Tree Horse Farm are refreshed every two to four minutes. The 1 hour ago and 2 hours ago are web camera pictures taken every hour for the past couple of hours.  We do that only in the foaling stalls (the foaling stalls are stalls 7 and 8. 

During the summer our horses are out during the evening and in during the day to protect against the heat.  During the winter our horses are in during the evening and out during the day to protect against the cold. There's a better chance you will see horses in their stalls during the summer heat than any other times (the lights are off at night and its hard to see)  Generally we start keeping them in during the day in June and swap back in September/October.

The Stall 7-8 camera moves from side to side to catch either the Quarter horse (Chocklit) or our Arabian (Fancy).  They are in two of the largest stalls and are available for foaling. 

The Stall 1-2 camera is up and near the front of the barn; you may see a few different horses in their stalls with this camera or you may catch a shot of the barn aisle. The Stall 3-6 camera is also up in the middle, you may see horses in their stalls or the barn aisle with this camera. 

We wrote this web camera viewing page from scratch out of JavaScript and PHP with a MYSQL back end for all the webcams here at Green Tree Horse Farm because we want you to be able to see all the activities at our farm.  There is no other page or service like this anywhere that we have seen.  If you are interested in something like this for your web cameras read the article I wrote on it: "How to set up your Panasonic IP Camera".  While we strive to maintain camera functionality - we cannot guarantee that it is working all the time.  There are many intricate and complicated algorithms that go into controlling the cameras to allow you to see the images.  If there is a problem with a camera, please let us know.  We hope the webcams can give you a glimpse of life at the farm, put a smile on your face, and that you'll come join us soon. 

                                                            - Andy & Jess Wofford








I've written an article on how to setup a webcam yourself in the same fashion that's found here.  Please read the article entitled "How to setup your Panasonic IP Camera" if you are interested in setting up your own webcam.





For your convenience, these are the cameras we use at Green Tree Horse Farm. has the best price we've found for this camera.  Please follow the link if you would like to purchase a Panasonic BL-C210A Network Camera from



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