Lexie for sale

Lexie - 17.2hh TB Mare

Horses for Sale (updated 4/22/2010):
We decided to put Lexie up for sale so that Jess could focus on a new endeavor - Sport Horse shows.  Lexie has been a great 17.2hh Thoroughbred Mare for us - she's gone to several shows and done well.  She's a Hunter Jumper at heart - she even competed at the most recent Horse Show Ventures Show that we attended.  We love her to death - she's a gentle giant.  But sadly it's time to go.  We are willing to take a loss on her and are listing her for $5000 at the following sites:

Equine.com - 17.2hh TB Mare Must Sell!
Equinenow.com - 17.2hh TB Mare - Must Sell!

Shows (updated 4/10/2010):

We are reigning in the new year with our first show in Tennessee.  We showed at the Tri State Facility in the Rivermont Farms Winter Classic. We brought up several horses/riders to the show to spend the weekend and everyone had a great time.  We really enjoy Ashley Godwin's circuits and would like to do more of them.
Horse Show Ventures!

The students at the Horse Show Ventures show

Our next show was the March Horse Show Ventures Show. We brought 10 horses over and had 8 riders show.  We did very well for our first time at this show circuit and plan on hitting more of them this year.

We also do several trail rides during the year.  No - I'm not talking about trail rides on the property - but trail rides where we take your horse to Hard Labor Creek State Park, The Georgia International Horse Park, or another popular trail ride facility.  The cost is usually $50 for the trailering to the facility.

Bridget on Cyd!

We do plan on completing an entire circuit this year.  We have decided that Horse Show Ventures will be the circuit we are attending this year.  This circuit appears to be best for the advancement of the students at Green Tree Horse Farm.  This year we will also be mixing in some Rolling Hills Saddle Club shows.  For the latest and greatest up to date pictures please visit http://andywofford.com or go directly to: http://andysmirror.redirectme.net/main.php?g2_itemId=84
to see show pictures for Green Tree Horse Farm.  Additionally for some of the show videos you may visit http://www.youtube.com/woffoja

Green Tree Horse Farm on January 16th, 2010

We have so much going on here that it is becoming too onerous to update the news page after every show.  We always produce a year end video for all the show students and invite them over for a year end show viewing.  If you are interested feel free to drop us a line and find out when the next year end video will be shown.  We would love to have you over for it.


















Check out Facebook for our next Trail Ride!  currently planned for April 25th at the Georgia International Horse Park.  We will send out a Facebook calendar invite to all the GTHF boarders!


We have several shows on the calendar this year.  Please give us a call to hear about them.  We plan to mostly attend the We plan to mostly attend the Horse Show Ventures shows and the Rolling show circuits.